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About Us:  Who We Are.

Alumina Partners is a New York-based private investment partnership of experienced accredited investors who came together to bring sensible, responsive, accretive, non-predatory and non-disruptive institutional investment back to the emerging growth arena. We work diligently with the companies we invest in to better understand the unique challenges they face and the opportunities they can take advantage of when well-capitalized. That central focus on the issuer’s-eye-view is reflected in the diversity, flexibility, and scalability of the investments we make.

It is our firmly held belief that long-term success in the emerging growth arena is most often the result of capable management teams. We share their persistence of vision and seek to introduce a strong and steady flow of direct capital investment to accelerate their growth.

That persistence of vision is the result of our independence: Alumina is not a capital advisor, we are principal investors.  As a result, we are not distracted by redemptions or trend-following. We are in the business of directly investing our capital in the issuers and management teams that we believe in. That focus gives us the flexibility to adapt our terms to reflect each issuer’s needs and the agility to move quickly from term sheet to closing.

Our mandate includes investment in a broad range of publicly traded securities including equities, convertible securities, derivatives and structured products: as long as the terms make sense for both sides we will give any structure serious consideration.

       The Team:  Our People Are Our Strength.


Principal & Managing Member

Adi is the founder and Managing Member of Alumina Partners, serving as our Chief Investment Officer and chairing the firm’s investment committee. He first became active with development stage private companies shortly after Y2K and spent several years working with a number of startups. In 2007 he began working with small-cap and emerging growth public companies, helping them to better identify and monetize market opportunities. Further honing an already sharp eye for valuation, Adi founded Alumina to prove that speculative finance need not be a zero-sum game between issuer and investor. In the emerging growth arena, where competition is over rapidly evolving and expanding pies, there should be enough room for the issuer, the institutional investor, and the retail shareholder to succeed together.


Our research department draws on both in-house experience and expert outside advisors to identify the most advantageous transaction structures available to the issuers we work with. Alumina’s equity research process is issuer-centric rather than purely risk-based, allowing us to work cooperatively with each issuer to explore and arrive at the most flexible and accommodative terms that will still offer equal benefit to both sides. Our team’s depth and breadth of experience are rare for the emerging growth space, reaching from structured products and exotic derivatives to venture incubation and private equity, and everything in between. We have particularly deep and broad expertise in the life sciences, tech, and emerging cannabis industries, and extensive experience with a range of growth-through-acquisition strategies among many others.


Our veteran position management team prides itself on bringing institutional desk access and comprehensive market intelligence to the emerging growth space. We make that access and intelligence available to issuers we work with, allowing them to draw on “floor look” which sometimes completes an otherwise incomplete puzzle, bringing the full picture into focus. That constructive, respectful approach to position management has been instrumental in building long-term relationships based on mutual trust.


Our origination team begins with the simple premise that consistent RSI — the relative outperformance of a stock as measured against its sector peers of similar development stage and market capitalization — is usually a sign that something positive is underway. From there we pull together a research abstract on each outperforming company and reach out to open a dialog. From our initial introductory call through transactions successfully closed and milestones passed down the road, we remain focused and engaged without compromising our objectivity as independent outside investors.

How We Add Up:   By the Numbers.


Repeat Investment

(Long Term Relationships)

Total Career Transactions

(Closed by Our Partners)

Avg. Days to Closing

(From Definitive Agreement)

Our Skillset.


  • 23% REGULATED CANNABIS   55% 55%
  • 18% LIFE SCIENCES & DEVICES 38% 38%
  • 8% ENERGY & RENEWABLES 14% 14%

With over 35 combined years of transactional experience in the space, Alumina brings institutional desk access and resources to the emerging growth arena. Our management has deep operational experience throughout the early and development stage venture lifecycle with strong backgrounds in securities law and regulation, deal structure, capital market dynamics, equity research, risk management, and contingency planning.

Our partners thoroughly understand the challenges faced by emerging growth companies, having started, grown, and established or sold several operating businesses firsthand. Each has worked closely with founders, signatory officers, sales teams, and back offices, and we now bring that wealth of experience to bat for every issuer we work with.

Approach:  Our Appetite.

Our only business is investing directly with issuers to enjoy capital appreciation on the equity positions that result. We welcome introductions to potential investment candidates, and are actively interested in offerings that include any of the following:








We make non-control investments because, at the end of the day, we are investing in the ability and integrity of each management team. We know enough to step back and let officers do their job, leveraging our investment to create new shareholder value for everyone’s benefit.



We are good at what we do because being principal direct investors is the only thing we do. We don’t offer any goods or services and we are not compensated by anyone who does. As a result we avoid common conflicts of interest and are free to exercise our best judgment for each investment on its merit alone.



Our focus is primarily on investing in emerging growth companies. This isn’t our first rodeo and we have enough familiarity with the unique challenges and opportunities in this space that no time is wasted apologizing about market liquidity or transparency. We get it, and we’re ready to invest.

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